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"Illuminations I," Houston, Texas

There's a certain feeling that I'm attracted to....I loved the sensuous flow of the sand dunes in southern Colorado (see below), and now here I am again with that feeling in....Houston, Texas!

I now live within an easy walk to the location of this sculpture.

It is Michael Somoroff's installation, "Illuminations." It was installed next to the Rothko Chapel , (which is itself quite an inspiring space), next to the wonderful deMenil Museum, and around the corner from the Byzantine Chapel....all powerfully spiritual and inspiring company.

While the overall shape of the sculpture is beautiful, I was drawn to the shadows inside and the swirling way that it captures the light. Every time I visited it, the form felt different, depending on the time of day and the weather. But it never failed to perk my creative curiosity, and to bring me peaceful and uplifted feelings.

One day when I was there a woman pulled up in her SUV, meditation type music pouring out of the windows. She stopped, kicked back in her seat, listening, soaking in the vision and feel of the sculpture. After about 5 minutes she drove off.

I wonder if that was her daily meditation. Certainly a nice way to quickly get back to the Soul in the middle of the day...

The sculpture is gone now, a nice demonstration of the Buddhist "nature of impermanence." But it made its mark, along with the people who I met who created it, photographed it, and supported its vision...

I'm thankful for a spiritual traveler's experience here in my home.